Making Progress


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Making Progress

We have not yet achieved all of our goals. But we acknowledge the important progress the firm has made. Continued improvement and advancement in diversity and inclusion necessitates consistent and persistent attention. Foulston regularly evaluates its efforts and performance through its Diversity & Inclusion Committee, which includes members of the Executive Committee, other attorneys, and staff.

  • Committing a significant portion of our firm’s three-day strategic planning retreat to a discussion of issues regarding diversity and inclusion, including guidance from national consultant Juan Johnson;
  • Providing reading lists and other material on topics of interest;
  • Creating and advocating for firm policies supporting equity in benefits
  • Establishing a collection of books related to diversity and inclusion topics within the firm’s library that are available to anyone in the firm to check out;
  • Participating in Butler Community College’s Advance Kansas program, which brings leaders together to learn about and collaborate on diversity challenges and opportunities in businesses, organizations, and the community;
  • Visiting the Tunnel of Oppression diversity exhibits at Wichita State University and the University of Kansas so that members of the firm could be more aware of how victims of harassment, abuse, discrimination, and crime experience racism in our society;
  • Organizing outings to view relevant films and plays, such as the 2018 world premiere of Kevin Wilmott’s “Becoming Martin”;
  • Sharing periodic firmwide communications related to different types of diversity and inclusion topics, such as celebrating the 19th Amendment, marking Pride Month, and explaining various religious and cultural observances.

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