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Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The D&I Committee plans and executes programing designed to increase the awareness and understanding of our team members. To that end, we strive to provide forums for meaningful consideration, contemplation, and discussion of important issues surrounding diversity and inclusion. Examples include:

  • Committing a significant portion of our firm’s three-day strategic planning retreat to a discussion and consideration of issues regarding diversity and inclusion. In this connection, Foulston hired a national consultant, Juan Johnson, to guide us in our discussions on these important topics;
  • Providing reading lists and other material on topics of interest;
  • Participating in Butler Community College’s Advance Kansas program, which brings leaders together to discuss and collaborate on diversity challenges and opportunities in businesses, organizations, and the community;
  • Visiting the Tunnel of Oppression diversity exhibits at Wichita State University and the University of Kansas so that members of the firm could be more aware of how victims of harassment, abuse, discrimination and crime experience racism in our society.
  • Sharing periodic firmwide communications related to different types of diversity and inclusion topics, such as celebrating the 19th Amendment, marking Pride Month, and various religious and cultural observances.

The D&I Committee is co-chaired by Amy S. Lemley and C. Edward Watson, II. Amy led the firm’s general litigation practice for many years and was the first female attorney in Kansas named as a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers, where she currently serves on several national level committees.  Throughout her career, Amy has been involved in organizations that promote social justice and the fair treatment and equitable treatment of all, for example, service on the ABA Commission on Women, the Board of Directors of Kansas Legal Services, the Kansas Client Protection Fund Committee (Chair), and the Mental Health Association of South Central Kansas (Chair).

C. Edward Watson serves as the first African American President of the Wichita Bar Association and is actively involved in the Wichita Regional Chamber Diversity Committee. Ed is also a member of the Kansas Board of Law Examiners, a member of the Kansas Appleseed Board of Directors, a member of the Board of Directors of The Kansas African American Museum and the former chair of the Kansas Client Protection Fund Committee.

Co-Chair, Diversity & Inclusion Committee
Co-Chair, Diversity & Inclusion Committee

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