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HIPAA Privacy Implementation Handbook for Health Care Providers


  • $495 (includes S&H and sales tax)
HIPAA has been around for 10 years and many health care providers have not updated policies and procedures since then. Recognizing that health care providers do not have the time to go back to the drawing board to update outdated HIPAA Privacy policies and procedures, Foulston Siefkin attorneys have developed a comprehensive HIPAA Privacy Implementation Handbook, which includes the necessary modifications to comply with the MegaRule. The Implementation Handbook contains sample policies and procedures, as well as sample notices, forms, and other tools, including, among others, a Notice of Privacy Practices, a Business Associate Agreement, authorizations, breach notification forms, and a privacy complaint log. Also included with the Handbook is a CD containing all documents in Microsoft Word format.


  • Sample Policies and Procedures
    Authorization to Disclose Protected Health Information
    Business Associates
    Designated Record Set
    Documentation and Record Retention
    Individual Rights
    Notice of Privacy Practices
    Personal Representatives
    Privacy Officers
    Retaliation and Waiver
    Uses and Disclosures for Medical Research
    Uses and Disclosures for Marketing & Fund-raising
    Uses and Disclosures of Protected Health Information
    Workforce and Medical Staff
    Breach Investigations and Notification
  • Forms and Tools
    Authorizations: General, Research, Marketing, Conditional Use
    Business Associate Agreement
    Breach Investigation Summary Report
    Breach Notification Letters
    Breach Notification and Risk Assessment Tool
    Correspondence: Amendment; Communication Accommodations; Request for Access; Accounting; Complaint; Restriction on Disclosures
    Disclosures Checklist
    Privacy Complaint Log
    Self-Assessment Checklist