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Kansas Estate Planning Guide

It has been said that most individuals spend more time planning their family vacation than they do planning their own estate. The failure to devote sufficient time to the management and disposition of one’s estate in the event of disability or death can result in consequences far more severe than experiencing a “bad trip.” However, willingness to devote adequate time to the effort will not in and of itself ensure adoption of an appropriate estate plan. Proper planning also requires knowledge of all relevant factors and choices.

This e-book is written by Tim O'Sullivan, a Foulston estate planning attorney, and includes an objective discussion of most factors involved in the estate planning process. Unlike most estate planning books designed for the general public, it specifically addresses the impact of Kansas laws on estate planning issues and techniques. The author believes this guide is one of the most comprehensive and informative overviews available to assist Kansas residents in either implementing an estate plan or reviewing an existing estate plan.

This resource should not be considered as legal advice or a “do it yourself” guide. Due to the inherent complexity of estate planning issues, the strategies or principles discussed in this or any other book should not be implemented without the counsel of a competent estate planning attorney.

Find answers to these questions and more:Cover

  • What are the attributes of a well-designed estate plan?
  • When should an individual prepare an estate plan?
  • When is probate of property required following a death?
  • Do spouses or family members have a right to an inheritance?
  • What estate planning devices avoid probate?
  • Should a will or revocable trust be the primary testamentary document?
  • Should an individual or corporate executor or trustee be named to handle the estate?
  • What general planning techniques are available for estates subject to federal estate and gift taxes?
  • What can be done to minimize estate taxes for married persons?
  • What estate tax planning techniques are available for larger estates?
  • What specific estate planning considerations are there for married persons not subject to estate taxes?
  • What estate planning considerations are involved in second (or subsequent) marriages?
  • What special estate planning considerations are involved with minor or disabled children?
  • What factors should be considered in giving property to children?
  • What asset protection objectives can be attained through estate planning?
  • What estate planning considerations are involved in farms and closely held businesses?
  • What estate planning considerations are involved with qualified retirement plans and IRAs?
  • What estate planning considerations are involved with life insurance?
  • How do charitable gifts fit into an estate plan?
  • What are inheritance or state death taxes?
  • What are generation-skipping transfer taxes?
  • How should one plan for the possibility of incapacity?
  • How should one plan for possible long-term nursing home care?
  • How does one select an estate planning attorney?

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