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Foulston Siefkin and its Attorneys Ranked Among Kansas' Best by Chambers USA

July 26, 2017

Chambers USA, a national research publication, included 21 Foulston Siefkin attorneys that were recognized as leading lawyers in their field of practice in 2017: Stan Andeel, Jim Armstrong, Kevin Arnel, Gary Ayers, Don Berner, Boyd Byers, Jay Fowler, Chris Hurst, Jeff Hurt, Jeff Jordan, Andy Nolan, Jim Oliver, Forrest Rhodes, Tony Rupp, Teresa Shulda, Harvey Sorensen, Mikel Stout, Trisha Thelen, Trish Voth Blankenship, Darrell Warta, and Bill Wood. Robert Smith was also included in the publication as a recognized practitioner.

Foulston Siefkin’s complete Chambers USA rankings and profile can be viewed here:

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