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2013 Articles

'Gimme that back' – big changes to Kansas Wage Payment Act (Boyd A. Byers)
Can You Make Employees Give More Notice Than the Pope? (Boyd A. Byers)
Civil Procedure Chapter (Scott C. Nehrbass)
Earth and Wind Industries Playing With Fire: The Concurrent Rights of Wind Farm Operators, Oil and Gas Developers, and Landowners in Kansas (David R. Green)
Employee’s workers’ comp claim hasn’t raced its last lap yet (Teresa L. Shulda)
Federal Contractors Subject to Historic Regulations (Boyd A. Byers)
FLSA liability: It can get personal (Teresa L. Shulda)
Gaga Over the FLSA Monster (Boyd A. Byers)
If you can't say something nice, it really is better to say nothing 
Kansas Bar Association's 2013 Annual Survey (Justan R. Shinkle)
New Law Triggers Need for Kansas Public Employers to Examine Weapons Policies (Wesley J. Kimmel)
Nontelepathic employer can't accommodate applicant who didn't ask
OT 2012 U.S. Supreme Court Opinions: Summary & Analysis (Toby Crouse)
Poor performance is valid reason for firing despite leave request (Teresa L. Shulda)