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2012 Articles

After the tempest: 2012 Kansas legislative session in review (Boyd A. Byers)
Civil Procedure Chapter (Scott C. Nehrbass)
Court snaps Twigg's retaliation and FMLA claims (Joshua T. Hill)
Don’t Judge a Crook by His Cover (David R. Green)
Don’t judge a crook by his cover (Teresa L. Shulda)
Healthcare reform survives: What’s next for employers? (Jason P. Lacey)
Kansas Bar Association’s 2012 Annual Survey (Justan R. Shinkle)
Kids in Candyland: DOL audit reminds employers about child labor (Forrest T. Rhodes Jr.)
The next wave of social media disputes: Who owns the account? (Donald D. Berner)
Winning the social media war (Donald D. Berner)