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New HAZCOM Standard Training Presentation

Price: $89 (includes S&H and sales tax)

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OSHA's amendments to the Hazard Communication ("HAZCOM") standard required employers to provide training to their employees on the new label elements and new safety data sheet by December 1, 2013. While that deadline has passed, covered employers can (and should) still become compliant by providing the training. If OSHA conducts an audit, employers who have provided the training before OSHA arrives (even if it was a little late) will be in a much better position to avoid potential monetary fines than those who haven't yet provided the training. The scope of the HAZCOM standard is broad and applies to any employers with employees who may have access to any hazardous chemical in the course of their work duties. The standard is not limited to only manufacturing companies or chemical producers.

In order to assist employers with this requirement, attorneys at Foulston Siefkin have prepared a presentation-ready PowerPoint that meets OSHA’s requirements for the mandatory training. This presentation provides detailed explanations of the new label elements and safety data sheet changes, and offers an easy to navigate, do-it-yourself format.

The presentation includes:

  • PowerPoint Slides
  • Speaking Notes to assist the presenter
  • A sample Chemical Label compliant with the new requirements
  • Side by Side comparison of the old and new Hazard Communication Standards
  • Detailed Explanations of the new label elements and safety data sheet